Pilates Method Props

There are a lot of great, inexpensive props designed for Pilates to add variety to your workouts and help you engage and connect with your body's specific needs.  Here are my favorites.

Foam Roller
This could be the only thing you buy.  Plenty of uses for the foam roller from myofascial release to balance exercises.  Use the roller to add challenge to just about any exercise.

This would be my most second popular prop used.  Keep it semi-deflated for a balance challenge all over or firmly inflated to increase extension of the thoracic spine.

Pinky Ball
Not a class goes by that I don’t pull out the pinky ball to roll out the feet or the glutes.

Spikey Ball
Spikey ball + feet = torture and pleasure.

I love using Therabands for arm work. You can use them to replicate many apparatus exercises.

Theraband Loops
The Theraband loops have been a game changer for glute re-patterning and shoulder openers.

So many of my clients have a bolster for side-lying stretches and psoas releases.

Stability Ball
If you are pregnant, this is a MUST.  You can exercise on it now, then use it to find different laboring positions and then bounce newborns to sleep.

RAD Balls
This is the perfect collection of three different sized release balls—and it comes with a poster worth of instructions.

Pilates Mat
“Pilates” mats are generally thicker than yoga mats and highly recommended for your home practice. 

On the tech side...
Here are some suggestions for a Tablet stand and a bluetooth speaker that will greatly improve your experience - you're welcome! 

Books and Articles

Valuable resources, including links to helpful websites and a variety of other tips to help you in your self practice.

Centered: Organizing the Body through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Techniques
Madeline Black’s first extensive book, covers the range of her work including biomechanics combined with hands-on techniques, personal stories and solutions for healthy movement.

Other Resources

The Fit Reformer
Need Pilates Equipment help?  Kaleen Canevari and her team of technicians around the world are here to help.

Flexia delivers a beautiful, affordable Reformer complete with industry-leading instruction to give you unlimited access to the benefits of Pilates at home.

Life-long Learning

The following instructors and mentors have had a tremendous impact on my career—not just with what I teach but how I teach it.  Many of the special things I do in my classes that set them apart from the typical Pilates class can be traced back to their influences. 

kelly kane balance pilates atlanta resources

Kelly Kane

Kelly Kane is a world-renowned Pilates educator with over 25 years of experience. Seeking to incorporate an understanding of the human body into the classical Pilates genre, Kelly opened the Kane School in 1999 as a holistic body college founded on anatomical knowledge to improve strength and stability.

Kelly is a sought after continuing education provider and lecturer in the States and abroad.  She presents specialized workshops on the biomechanics and anatomy of the shoulder, neck, lumbo-pelvic girdle, pelvic floor and feet - giving students real tools to apply what they learn to their clients in highly effective ways.

madeline black balance pilates atlanta resources

Madeline Black

Madeline Black has distinguished herself as an international leader in movement and exercise education. She is known as the “teacher’s teacher” for over 25 years. Madeline draws from her vast knowledge, continuous study and exploration of the body. She coaches the most advanced teachers, raising the education and quality of instruction in the Pilates industry.

Madeline draws inspiration from a vast knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, quantum physics, and energy work, which has lead to an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to Pilates, yoga, and Gyrotonic.

kuan hui chew balance pilates atlanta resources

Kuan Hui Chew

Kuan Hui Chew, was born and raised in Singapore. She received her Pilates teaching certification at Kane School of Core Integration in 2003 and became their expert trainer soon after graduation. Kuan Hui has studied with Irene Dowd, Kelly Kane, Renee Orona, Marie-Jose Blom-Lawrence, Eric Franklin and Liz Koch to name a few.

Her areas of expertise include psoas dysfunction, scoliosis, sacroilac joint dysfunction, sciatica and care for prenatal and postpartum population.

jennifer milner balance pilates atlanta resources

Jennifer Milner

Jennifer is a Pilates trainer and ballet coach who specializes in dancers, post-injury recovery, and working with hypermobility. A former ballet and musical theatre dancer, Jennifer trained at the Kane School of Core Integration.

Her ability to address biomechanical imbalances and technique dysfunctions in a practical strength-training way has made her a sought-after guest speaker for dance schools and companies, and her wide and varied health and dance science background give Jennifer a unique insight and perspective on getting and maintaining a strong, healthy body at peak performance level.