reaching out in the time of coronavirus

Reaching Out In the Time of Coronavirus

Our current landscape is changing so fast it is hard to keep up.  With the daily reports that bring us anxiety and confusion, hearing about sickness and loss, to dealing with our own financial uncertainty—life has never felt so out of whack.  We are desperate for some balance.  And this extrovert is here to help in some small way.   

We are beginning week 2 of isolation (longer for others) and I’ve learned a lot in this week.  We can’t just sit around and read the news; we need to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  Colds and flus can be less debilitating when your body and immune systems are healthy and strong.  But exercise can also do so much more good for you beyond just the physical benefits.  Consider this part of the Pilates Method history:

“In 1912 [Joseph Pilates] moved to England where he worked as a professional boxer and circus performer. But with the outbreak of World War I, his German background put him under suspicion and he was interned at Lancaster Castle with other German nationals. During his internment, he devoted himself to working on his exercise program. It was Pilates’ belief that bad posture and inefficient breathing habits were the root causes of a person’s ill health.

Joseph Pilates noticed that the other inmates struggled with depression. Seeking to help boost their morale, he began training his fellow inmates on his core method and mat exercises. The physical exertion not only lifted the spirits of the inmates, but also protected them from sickness. It is said that not one of the inmates he trained succumbed to the Spanish influenza that killed millions in 1918.” (source: The Pilates Swan)

So let's not let this pandemic be the reason to let our fitness regimen slide. We need exercise now more than ever!

And here’s how we can do it:

  1. I’m teaching classes through Zoom which I find very user-friendly and so rewarding.  I love seeing familiar faces; as well as your pets that want to join in.  My new schedule is coming soon, so make sure you are on my email list.  Sign up now and stay connected!
  2. I'll also be announcing virtual classes and live events on social media through Facebook: Balance Pilates and Wellness and Instagram: @balancepilates_amandaPlease let me know if you are NOT on social media so I can create another option for getting content to you.
  3. I have successfully navigated virtual sessions since I moved from NYC 12 years ago.  With my attention to detail, it is *pretty close* to the real thing.  And since the real thing isn’t desirable right now, it’s the best we can do!  Please email me if you’re interested in connecting this way.
  4. I encourage you to prepare yourselves now as it may be a few weeks before you can get back to your regular exercise routine.  If there are some props you’ve been thinking of getting, well now is the time.  My Resources page has a list of props with links for where to buy them.  There's a LOT you can do with a roller or a squishy ball, if you’d like to get just one thing. 

Keep in mind during these strange and uncertain times, that with all the things that are off-limits like hugs, kisses, handshakes, high-fives and fist bumps – let your smile be contagious.

Stay tuned.  Stay informed.  Stay healthy!


Life needs balance.

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